Saturday Snacks {Baked Chips and Guacamole}

Baked Chips and Guac 3

Baked Chips and Guac

These chips are awesome.  They are crunchy and salty and healthy.  They are not fried!  I can’t really comment on the guacamole because I hate avocados   I relied solely on the hubs to tell me if it was tasty enough or ‘needed anything’.  There is just something about the texture (and flavor) of avocados that gives me the creeps.  Tortilla soup is practically a food group for me…but hold. the. avocados.  Just thinking about mashing it up in the bowl right now is like fingernails on a chalkboard!

corn and ezekiel tortillas

Why are these chips so awesome?  I made them from protein packed Ezekiel tortillas, which are 100% sprouted grains with no flour, and local corn tortillas with a whopping three ingredients (corn, water, & lime).   You can see the ingredients for the Ezekiel tortillas below.  Sprouted goodness.


corn tortillas

{Baked Chips and Guacamole}


3-4 corn tortillas

1-2 Ezekiel tortillas

garlic salt

juice of half a lime

olive oil spray


2 avocados

1 tomato, seeds squeezed out and chopped

garlic salt

sea salt

cayenne pepper

juice of half a lime

avacado tomato tortillas

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with foil.  Spray the tortillas very lightly with olive oil spray.  Season with garlic salt and lime juice.  Cut the tortillas into chips and spread out on the baking sheet.  Bake for 20 minutes, flipping the chips every 5 minutes.  Allow to cool down for 5-10.

While the chips are baking, scoop the avocado from its skin into a medium sized bowl.  Mash it up with a fork, try not to squirm.  Add chopped tomatoes, lime juice, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, and sea salt (to taste).   Stir until well combined.  Serve with some delicious homemade chips and salsa!

baked chips 1

baked chips

Baked Chips and Guac 2

Baked Chips and Guac 1



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