New Food Tuesday {Ristorante Paesanos}



Paesanos.  Also affectionately known as ‘party in your mouth ‘…also known as ‘heart attack on a plate ‘.

I have a new goal for 2013.  Actually, two new goals:  1) figure out how to make this rosemary bread…

rosemary bread

…and 2) figure out how to make this ridiculously delicious shrimp and the subtle lemon garlic sauce it lives in.  It may be the only sauce on the planet I enjoy.

shrimp p

Of course, I do not want to make an exact replica. My take will most certainly be healthified. This meal definitely represents the 10% glutton that still lives in me, always eager to pop out.

My sis had never been to Paesanos.  Say, what!?  During our girls night stay on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, we dined there and documented it for NFT! The restaurant serves fabulous Italian food, including this to-die-for shrimp, on the river, with excellent people  gawking  watching in mild February temps. What’s not to love?


Riverwalk Photo Courtesy of the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau



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