Vitamin C Boost {Orange Carrot Juice Smoothie}

Orange Carrot Juice Smoothie

Welcome to my 100th post!  How did that happen?  Thank you so much for being a reader of this blog project.

There are some BIG changes in the works for the bloggy blog!  It is about to get a beautiful face lift, and I am moving it to a platform where I have more control over the look and feel.

If you follow me now, you won’t want to miss this!  Please sign up for my posts by email, because soon, you won’t be able to find me in the WordPress Reader.  That said…

Spring time is here!  Try this tasty, revitalizing, vitamin C packed ice-cold bevvie!

Orange Carrot Juice 1

{Orange Carrot Juice Smoothie}

6 carrots, washed, skin on

4 oranges, peeled, seeds removed

1 c cold water

5-6 ice cubes


Toss ingredients into a high powered blender or vitamix.  Blend on high until everything is smooth and incorporated.  Serve cold!

I try to take some of my pictures outside.  The natural lighting is excellent for making my recipes look better than they really are…not true.  If they make it to the blog, they are delish.

Moving on, my pup Kensington sat down in the middle of my Orange Carrot Juice Smoothie photo shoot.  She wasn’t even interested in tasting my drink.  I’m disappointed, especially because that girl can eat some carrots!  She has got the runway model facial expression (or lack of) down…

Orange Carrot Juice dog

Orange Carrot Juice 2

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