Business Coaching

You are a health and wellness professional that is kicking butt helping others.

“Yes, that is SO me.”

Your small business is thriving…or maybe it is just getting started.  Your blog followers crave more from you.  You need direction.

Your time management skills need help.

You need a budget

And you just realized you have to FILE YOUR OWN TAXES.  

“Wait, are you serious?  I have to do my business taxes?”

You need to learn how to put yourself OUT THERE to get clients. Market yourself.  Promote your skills. Show off your fabulous offerings.  Because you know they are fabulous.

“What will people say and think about me? I am an introvert. I don’t DO stuff like SPEAK UP.”

The back-end business stuff is a total drag for you.  Just the thought of using Excel makes you want to cry.  You want to crawl under a rock and make it all GO AWAY.

JP F - 20

I’m JP.  And I understand where your mind is at!  I help women like you steer clear of the shoe-boxes-full-of-receipts phase of running a business.  Because I get it.  Running your own business is exhilarating and scary.  But there is no fluff, hand-holding, or pretty talk here.  Just back-to-basics business skills to keep you doing what you do best…rocking your small business.

“You are joking right?  Back to basics?  I never started with the basics!”

So what is this all about?

I have the A’s to your Q’s.  My B-to-B (Blog to Business) Bootcamp is a four-week training course that will kick your business-building butt into high gear!  You will learn about:

  • remembering why you started this whole blog or biz in the first place…getting your passion back.
  • building gutsy offerings that people just simply can’t resist.
  • my must-have tools for making your business work for you.
  • creating and refining bold branding that doesn’t suck.
  • developing a web presence that exudes your authentic self, personality, and uniqueness.

Street Cred (aka, the boring stuff)

JP brings to the table a wealth of business knowledge. She has a BBA from St. Mary’s University and a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. Her professional consulting background includes four years working on retail, financial services, manufacturing, and distribution clients with a Big 4 professional services firm. Additionally, JP has worked for over two years in industry for a high-tech company extending her hands on experience in finance, accounting, and business. JP is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas.

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