About JP

JP F - 37 large

Hey, hey!!  I’m Jennifer Pierce Miller.  My peeps call me JP.

Fearless, atypical, and energetic CPA in. tha. house.  I just knocked the contradictory socks right off you.

I’m uninterested in doing your taxes.  Or my own.

I am enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I develop exciting programs for propelling your biz (and your health) to the next level of awesomeness.

I sometimes drink the last of the coconut milk coffee creamer but put it back in the fridge anyway.  I tried to drink my java black many times unsuccessfully.

I can laugh anyone under the table.

If you catch me showing off my Jerry Maguire negotiations skills, you have met my alter ego, Jennifer D.  That is the first and last movie reference you will ever hear from me.  I’d rather be outside in the sun (see below).

I will jump on a plane (or out of a plane!) to anywhere with the clothes on my back (preferably with a yellow green polka dot bikini in my purse).  My favorite city is London; Barcelona is a close second.

I  love basking in the Texas sun (though any sun will do), shooting hoops, wearing wedges, being an aunt, green smoothies, and my hubs.

My black lab pup makes all A’s in school.  Her name is Kensington.

I have recently taken up boxing, cutting out refined carbs, and trying to stay up past 10 p.m. On a good day, I can even tackle all three.

I work with women who are tired of sitting on the sidelines of their own life.  I know you aren’t a bench player.

You are a hard-working, life-loving, truth-seeking, and passion-driven woman. And you are desperately trying to peel back the layers to find her again.

You are so ready to kiss the 9-to-5 norm and just check-the-box kinda life goodbye.

You should partner with me. Your business should too.


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